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Welcome to Chris Stewart dot Org -- This is just a playground for me and trying out new and different ideas


Just some of the places I have done development work.

Bluefin Payment Systems

Created, designed, and provided quality assurance for all forms of payment processing. Payment gateway api upgrades and improvements and driving the business into mobile platforms.

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Created and designed software which makes it effortless to deploy and manage enterprise customer service tasks. Designed and deployed applications and reporting tools to assist in management of daily duties of management.

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PNC Bank

Created and designed software in both Fox Pro and PHP to process all types of X12 spec EDI for heathcare. The software suite provided many options for anyone in the healthcare industry, like payers and providers.

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John Christner Trucking

Many changes occurred here, from complete overhaul of backend systems, making code more dynamic and bringing application options like mobility. Complete integration with Nagios and IBM's AS400.

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Runs Linux Hosting

Provides hosting services that provide cPanel, WHM, dedicated, centOS, windows hosting, and many more features. This is one of my hobbies that brings smaller clients and friends into my world of development.

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Hanging Out

We just be hanging out...

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